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    For social entrepreneurs who create stronger communities in cities.

  • meet the CGA 2018 Cohort!

    Low Carbon City

    Juliana Gutierrez, Colombia

    A citizen-led global movement working to tackle climate change in cities.


    Andrei Toma, Romania

    A blockchain-based tech social enterprise that empowers people to mitigate climate change easier, more affordable and with less cost.

    Imperfectly GOOD

    Katy Renwick, United Kingdom

    A social enterpirse that is committed in generating funds to help support feeding those most in need in London.


    Gwen Wong,


    A toolkit, which creates a culture of empathy in every organization and community in the world.


    Berat Kjamili,


    A social enterprise that creates Refugee e-cards providing opportunities such as registrations, bank debit card, news and job opportunities to refugees and brings about big data analytics.


    Tram Anh Nguyen,


    A tech social enterprise combining chatbot, artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, Sumi can automatically answer any questions from teenagers in their own language.

    You, Baby and I

    Shaney Vijendranath, South Africa

    A network of mompreneurs to solve problems that mothers experience throughout the journey of motherhood.


    Sarah Tuck, New Zealand

    A social enterprise that improves the mental health of New Zealanders at as large a scale as possible.


    Rene Espinoza,


    A social enterprise that creates accessible and intelligent spaces through technologies helping people with visual disabilities connect with their environment, improving their autonomy and quality of life.


    Arthur Gopak, Netherlands

    A social enterprise that helps young professionals discover and take advantage of life-changing career opportunities.

    Maestros Leadership Team

    Charles Lipenga, Malawi

    A social enterprise that engages with the youth in and outside the schools in working towards achieving the sustainable development goals set by the UN.

  • programme details

    The Collective Global Accelerator (CGA) is the world's first co-living accelerator programme focused on social entrepreneurs.

    CGA is a 4-week residential experience at our co-living facility The Collective Old Oak in London. We bring together some of the best and brightest social entrepreneurs from all over the world, with diverse backgrounds and businesses. We want to help you scale your impact on the world.


    If you attend CGA, you'll have an extraordinary opportunity to become a better entrepreneur;
    to be part of a community of people who share your commitment to do good; to grow into a global innovator, and to get access to our network of world-class experts and thought leaders.


    The Collective Global Accelerator is an initiative by The Collective Foundation and covers all costs for participants.

    Speakers and Workshops

    Learn from experts in London how to develop your business, build your brand, increase your impact and become a better entrepreneur. Weekly workshops and speaker events led by London's brightest minds will give you the tools to become a better entrepreneur.


    Get matched with a personal mentor, an entrepreneur or leader in your industry, with whom you will set your personal goals and aspirations. Together, you will create a strategy on how to achieve your dreams.


    The Collective Old Oak is a co-living community in London. Be part of the community for 4 weeks and enjoy all it has to offer - the company of creative and ambitious people, daily social events, and inspiring spaces. Living and working together with your fellow participants is truly a magical experience that you'll always remember.


    The Collective Foundation sponsors all participants' stay during the programme.


    Get access to the world-class network of The Collective. We will help you get the right connections you need to propel your start-up forwards. Every week, we will have outings to relevant organizations in London's social enterprise scene.

    Pitch Event

    The journey concludes with a pitch event, which will be attended by leading organizations in London's social enterprise, technology and start-up scene. The goal of this event is for you to get connected to the right people who can help you with your start-up.


    After our training, you will be more than ready to pitch your business in front of people who are rooting for you, and have the means to help you scale your impact.

  • cga 2018: causes

    Our focus for CGA 2018 is Creating Stronger Communities in Cities, and we will focus on supporting entrepreneurs who do this by working in the following cause areas:

    Human Connection

    How can we create communities that are inclusive, tackling loneliness and helping people to create deep and meaningful connections?

    Health and Wellbeing

    How can we create healthy communities and ensure that people experience a high level of wellbeing?

    Education and Opportunity

    How can we create communities in which opportunities are available to everyone equally?

    Circular Economy

    How can we ensure that communities contribute to a circular economy and ensure environmental sustainability through smart circular innovation?

  • "The Collective Global Accelerator is simply the best social impact accelerator.

    They have managed to find entrepreneurs from across the globe with capacity to solve some of the most important social issues that affect all of us today. Given the all encompassing month long conducive environment to shape those ideas, I have no doubt we have seen tomorrow’s businesses today."


    - Swapnil Gadgil, Mentor at CGA and Co-founder of Therapy Box

    “When I think of CGA, it evokes a deep sense of gratitude in me. CGA is one of the best and most impactful programmes I have ever attended. I am very grateful for this opportunity, being able to enjoy this experience with amazing entrepreneurs, whilst being supported by The Collective – whose only goal is for us to succeed."


    -Jonizel Lagunzad, Senti from the Philippines


    "The Collective Global Accelerator is a name that really resonates with me – the group is truly global. The learning experience was profound as well. I gained confidence in my pitch deck for the first time, I have learned on how to capitalize being a social enterprise, and have improved the way I communicate with my team. My organization was at a crossroads before joining the accelerator, but now, we have gained clarity."


    - Elijah Amoo Addo, Food4All Africa from Ghana


    “The Collective Global Accelerator went above and beyond my expectations. My favourite aspect of the accelerator programme was the people. Being able to get to know people from such diverse cultures and backgrounds, whilst being connected by our mutual passion for technology and social entrepreneurship, has been amazing."


    - Daniela Carvajalino, The Biz Nation from Colombia


    “Coming to CGA was all about the people for me. In this experience, I have learned the most from the group and how they run their businesses in completely different environments. My peers have given me invaluable insights and being given the opportunity to live and work together has truly shifted my perspective on entrepreneurship and life. I am happy to say that over the course of the month, the group has truly become like a family to me. Now, I have a group of friends from all over the world – and I would love to visit everyone in their countries.”


    - Pieter Doevendans, Ava from the USA



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