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A look inside the collective foundation

We create stronger communities in cities, by creating opportunities for those who want to make a difference.

· Rachel Levy

The Collective Foundation, an offshoot of The Collective co-living company, is dedicated to creating a platform for international entreprenurs to thrive across the UK. This year, the “Collective Global Accelerator” will attract the most competitive global citizens to London to incubate their ideas, where each development has already impacted 10,000 people.

The main mission of the Collective Foundation is to enhance the startup experience by hosting a month-long incubator program in London. This year in June, 11 global startups will be in town to learn from top industry professionals, collaborate across industry areas, and develop their startup’s into new markets. The cohort participants were picked based achievement and ambition in a three round interview process of 4,600 candidates. Covering “Human Connection”, “Health and Well-Being”, “Education and Opportunity” and “Circular Economy” categories, the Collective Foundation seeks to solve loneliness by enhancing collaborative opportunity.

In only the second year of development, the Collective Foundation is working alongside the Thompson Reuters Foundation, the British Council to Southeast Asia, Google Digital Garage and the World Wide Fund to teach their cohort the tools to success. The workshops include of Human Resources conversation, Empowerment, Storytelling explanation and Business Strategy.

The “Circular Economy” field seeks to promote cultural sustainability through innovation. In the “Circular Economy” category, Juliana Gutierrez of Colombia and winner of the Sustainability Award, will be representing Low Carbon City, an educational program helping both citizens and governments use creative, participatory and artistic tools to enhance climate-friendly practices. Andrei Toma of Romania uses Homepod software to prevent waste and energy use. Imperfectly Good, from Katy Renwick in the UK, generates funds to feed the needy in London.

“Human Connection” tackles loneliness to help create meaningful connections. Gwen Yi of Malaysia seeks to create a culture of empathy with Tribeless. Berat Kjamili, winner of the Global Student Entrepreneur award, has created a refugee e-card to enhance migration registration. Tran Anh Nyugen Thi has created a private chatbot to help Vietnamese teenagers confront personal issues. Finanally, Shaney Vijendranath of South Africa is dedicated to helping new mothers with You, Baby and I.

In “Health and Well-Being”, a focus is placed on maintaining a high quality of life. Coliberate of Sarah Tuck in New Zealand has created a ‘gym’ culture for mental health by placing equal value on physical and mental health. Rene Espinoza of Chila uses Lazarillo to help people with visual disabilities connect with their environment.

Solving issues of equality, “Education and Opportunity” consists of Arthur Gopak of Latvia who has created Alpha Gamma, helping young professionals take advantage of career changes. From Malawi, Charles Lipenge seeks to inspire young people to take up leadership opportunities by using the UN Sustainable Development goals.

Finally, the Collective Foundation is looking forward to the 26th of June, where a “Demo Day” will showcase not only the startups but incorporate their experiences in the Accelerator program has taught them. The Collective Foundation will invite venture capital firms, angel investors, partners, leaders and influencers to come join us on this very special day. These entrepreneurs where selected from a pool of more than 4,600 applications and will be meticulously polished, made brilliant like diamonds and transform to be among the best and brightest in the world. At the end of the pitches, the start-ups will be open to questions, challenges, and eventually funding and investment opportunities from interested parties. This will be an opportunity for UK, European and International investors to meet and greet with the most dedicated and competitive participants that the Collective Global Accelerator has to offer.

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