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    How can we create communities in which opportunities are available to everyone equally?

    Alpha Gamma

    LATVIA - Helps young professionals discover and take advantage of life-changing career opportunities.

    Business Model: Content marketing / SaaS


    Solution: We help founders, professionals, and students from all over the world discover career and networking opportunities that match their interests.

    We designed a mobile app called “Opportunity Feed” to help our users discover such opportunities as internships, graduate programs, conferences, competitions, grants, startup programs, scholarships, fellowships and more with their mobile devices.

    We believe that by providing access to such information, we can help more people travel, get education, and start or accelerate their careers in any city they are based on.

    On the other hand, we can help organizations that want to strengthen their communities. As we keep improving our algorithm in our app, we will be able to help hundreds of millions of people find their life-changing opportunities.


    Impact: We helped hundreds of people from Europe and around the globe find jobs, discover their dream careers, find their clients, join startup accelerator programs, and win competitions that helped them get funding.


    Revenue: We have made EUR 30,000 in sales, which have been reinvested into the business.


    2018 Goals: Make EUR 500,000 in sales for AlphaGamma; reach 300,000 unique visitors per month, 30,000 email subscribers, and 50,000 users of Opportunity Feed (our own mobile app).


    Featured on:

    - The Acceleration Event that was conducted by Capgemini

    - Opportunity Feed on Product Hunt

    - University of Delaware

    Founder’s profile: Arthur together with his Brother, Eric, are the developers of Opportunity Feed. They both won scholarships to earn their graduate and post-graduate degrees. As pupils, they discovered conferences and won international competitions in business and finance as well as Olympiads in IT and math. They got offered jobs by attending networking events instead of applying through online applications. They realized how such opportunities change anyone’s life, and we decided to help more people discover them, too.


    Arthur had been working for over 5 years as a journalist from the age of 15 and made the first family newspaper when he was 5. Arthur also won several national and international writing and essay competitions.



    -Top 20 most promising Dutch startup (Capgemini Nederland)
    - Opportunity Feed (product), got selected into the Top 10 product in the Forbes Startup Competition in Boston and got featured on Product Hunt


    Reinvestment to social business: 100%

    Doing randomised control trials to assess success: No

    Eneza Education

    KENYA - Aims to make 50 million learners in Africa smarter.

    Business Model: Free content offering quality education for learners with low-tech phones


    Solution: ​There are high barriers to quality education in low & middle income markets: textbooks are scarce and individual feedback from teachers is non-existent. At the same time, physical school infrastructure will not be able to support the population boom which will see young people double by 2050.


    Eneza has created an interactive virtual tutor that works on any mobile device, including basic voice/text phones. Through an affordable mobile subscription, students can access unlimited lessons & assessments, chat with live teachers, gamification and access to other third party information services such as Wikipedia, a dictionary, and a library of African literature. This allows self-directed learning where students receive relevant feedback for wrong or correct answers aligned and organized according to their local curriculum.


    Impact: Eneza has served over 3,800,000 students with an active monthly user base of ~500,000. Students who study for 2 hours per week on Eneza see an average performance improvement of 22.7% in their academic performance. With our partner, Omidyar, we’ve also calculated our Net Promoter Customer Study (more details on impact and what our users are saying about us)


    Revenue: USD 216,000 ($338,000 gross revenue from $0.0143 B2C transactions)


    2018 Goals:

    Product Development:

    -Launch into mobile (web) to offer more interactive content and reach more students in other markets with a simple, high-efficiency product.

    -Open up our content creation to selected partners and experts who can offer amazing content and/or certification to our users


    Sales & Revenue:

    -B2C: Adopt better ways than our powerful radio marketing to spread the product through our learner’s social connections while reducing our cost of acquisition

    -B2B: Recruit sponsorship deals from the corporate and non-profit space to reach their learner beneficiaries, either using our content or their own content (financial literacy, health and wellness, agricultural etc)


    Operations & Expansion:

    -Break even in our current 3 markets: Kenya, Ghana and Ivory Coast

    -Building a robust HQ team


    Featured on:

    - GSMA

    - GSMA

    - Parthenon

    - Education Investor


    - GSMA

    - Next Billion

    - Le Monde

    - GSMA

    Founder’s profile: Kago Kagichiri is a 2x entrepreneur and has built platforms for last-mile devices for the last 16 years.


    Toni Maraviglia is a Teach For America fellow who has taught in dire spaces, from inner-city New York to rural Homa Bay in Kenya. Both our co-founders left school at one point (undergraduate and MBA respectively) from a conviction to create more value to society, ironically culminating in an ed-tech startup. This happened even though Kago was a technologist who didn’t like teachers and Toni was a teacher who didn’t like technology in her classroom. These unique perspectives and backgrounds molded a different kind of ed-tech startup not driven by meritocracy but inclusivity.



    -Africa Awards for Entrepreneurship (ALN) - Social Enterprise of the Year 2017

    -Forbes - 30 under 30 - Kago Kagichiri 2015

    -Fast Company - Most Innovative Company in Africa 2015

    -Echoing Green - Echoing Green Fellowship 2014

    -Kenya ICT Innovation Award - Mobile Services & Overall National Winner 2014

    -Desire2Learn Education Edge Challenge - Winner 2012

    -Pivot East - Mobile Society Category, Winner 2012


    Reinvestment to social business: 100%

    Doing randomised control trials to assess success: Yes

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