• meet the CGA 2018 Cohort!

    Low Carbon City

    Juliana Gutierrez, Colombia

    A citizen-led global movement working to tackle climate change in cities.


    Andrei Toma, Romania

    A blockchain-based tech social enterprise that empowers people to mitigate climate change easier, more affordable and with less cost.

    Imperfectly GOOD

    Katy Renwick, United Kingdom

    A social enterpirse that is committed in generating funds to help support feeding those most in need in London.


    Gwen Wong,


    A toolkit, which creates a culture of empathy in every organization and community in the world.


    Berat Kjamili,


    A social enterprise that creates Refugee e-cards providing opportunities such as registrations, bank debit card, news and job opportunities to refugees and brings about big data analytics.


    Tram Anh Nguyen,


    A tech social enterprise combining chatbot, artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, Sumi can automatically answer any questions from teenagers in their own language.

    You, Baby and I

    Shaney Vijendranath, South Africa

    A network of mompreneurs to solve problems that mothers experience throughout the journey of motherhood.


    Sarah Tuck, New Zealand

    A social enterprise that improves the mental health of New Zealanders at as large a scale as possible.


    Rene Espinoza,


    A social enterprise that creates accessible and intelligent spaces through technologies helping people with visual disabilities connect with their environment, improving their autonomy and quality of life.


    Arthur Gopak, Netherlands

    A social enterprise that helps young professionals discover and take advantage of life-changing career opportunities.

    Maestros Leadership Team

    Charles Lipenga, Malawi

    A social enterprise that engages with the youth in and outside the schools in working towards achieving the sustainable development goals set by the UN.


    Meet the game changing entrepreneurs of the 2017 cohort, hailing from Asia, Africa, South America and the United States.

    The Biz Nation

    Daniela Carvajalino

    22 years old, from Colombia

    Daniela is the co-founder of The Biz Nation, an online platform that provides high quality, real world applicable and productive skill oriented education that generates personal, social and economic development. Daniela has been nominated to different international awards including the White House Champions of Change.


    Italo Alves

    25 years old, from Brazil

    Italo is is the co-founder of TODXS, a start-up that focuses on making Brazilian businesses more LGBT-friendly. TODXS is also building a mobile app that maps the LGBT+ resources available in Brazil, and an app that ranks schools according to their level of bullying discrimination incidence. Italo's educational background is in Global Affairs and Public Policy, and Italo is a Global Shaper from the World Economic Forum, a Global Teen Leader from the Three Dot Dash programme, a Global Changemaker and a Schwarzman Scholar.


    Tizzita Tefera

    24 years old, from Ethiopia

    Tizzita is the founder of mTena, an sms based platform that provides women in Ethiopia maternal and infant care information. The information is tailored to the gestation period of the users and includes information such as appointment reminders, immunization reminders, danger signs to watch out for, and contextually relevant nutritional advice.

    Food for All Africa

    Elijah Amoo Addo

    26 years old, from Ghana

    Elijah is the founder of the Food for All Africa programme, a social enterprise that uses advocacy and an app to create sustainable means of nutrition for vulnerable communities through food recovery, redistribution and farming. Elijah was awarded Young Leader by Queen Elizabeth II in Buckingham Palace in 2017 and Food for All Africa is gradually becoming West Africa's leader in creating efficiency and food supply efforts to the low income, poor and hungry.


    Pieter Doevendans

    27 years old, from the United States

    Pieter is the co-founder and COO of Ava, a software that translates any conversation into text and will color code the different speakers, so that you can easily distinguish who says what. It enables deaf and hard of

    hearing people to have more equal chances in their social and professional lives. Pieter is a Resolution Project and Kairos fellow, and his educational background is in Civil Engineering and Innovation Sciences.

    Suncrox Solar

    Noor Shahiwan Ismail

    29 years old, from Malaysia

    Noor is the founder of Suncrox Solar, a Malaysian social enterprise that provides solar energy solutions by eliminating grid and fuel power dependency for home. Suncrox Solar aims to provide solar energy to more than 10,000 direct beneficiaries in 5 years time, and helps low income and rural communities with special solutions that meet their needs, by implementing a cross-subsidisation model where profit from commercial projects are channelled to subsidize social initiatives up to 100%.


    Ernest Gavor

    34 years old, from Ghana

    Ernest is the co-founder of Moja,

    a SaaS platform that leverages the increased use of mobile phone devices to increase reliable blood donation by providing incentives and motivation to encourage citizens to volunteer blood regularly. Moja is on a mission of improving the blood donation rate in low to middle income countries, especially in Sub-Saharan Africa from the current WHO estimate of 4.6 donations per 1000 people to 33.1 donations per 1000 people. Ernest is a multiple-award winning African social entrepreneur and a Unicef Change Leader.


    Jaryd Ridgeway

    26 years old, from South Africa

    Jaryd is the founder of MUZI, a start-up that democratizes and decentralizes health diagnostics. MUZI's first target is HIV in South Africa. With Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, their aim is to increase the amount of HIV tests by a factor of 10 in the next 3 years. Jaryd’s educational background is in Molecular Biology.

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