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    How can we create healthy communities and ensure that people experience a high level of wellbeing?


    KENYA - Increases access to safe health products and build real-time data on pharmaceutical products consumption that will influence the development of smart technologies and effective medicines for Africa.

    Business Model: Uthabiti charges 20% of any health product’s selling price from the pharmacy sold through our platform. We charge doctors 20% of their consultancy fee, on each session done on our chat portal.


    Solution: The constant exposure to unsafe medicines and health products has caused lives. Africa has succumbed to; fake malaria tabs, unwanted pregnancies among more and at worst death, caused by counterfeit, fake or substandard medicines. Health products such as condoms, sanitary and maternity pads are rapidly being manipulated off standards.

    In Kenya, we have only 1031 registered pharmacies and chemists by the Pharmacy and poisons board while up to 10,000 pharmacies are in operation. According to National Quality Control Laboratories (NQCL) and the Pharmacy and Poisons Board, the rate of fake medicines is around 20 - 30%.

    The World Health Organization further states that we lose 100,000 lives in Africa every year because of fake, substandard or counterfeit health products.

    There is a need for a more efficient supply chain of safe medicines and health products, where, only registered pharmacies are the sole disseminators of medicines and health products.

    We are connecting communities to the safest most continent way to receive their healthcare products right at their doorstep.
    African cities are listed as crowded urban spaces and are mapped as hotspots for the fake drug trade.

    Our Uthabiti app, connects communities/ individuals to their nearest certified pharmacies, letting them access the pharmacy's inventory, search for their product of choice, check its price, add to cart, purchase and wait for the doorstep delivery. It allows communities to compare prices with other pharmacies, to check which pharmacy exactly has the prescription they are looking for and convinently receive their order ina timely fashion.

    In addition, we have medical practitioners on the clinic chat portal, where patients can seek medical consultancy services straight from their phones.

    Recently we added our batch scanning technology which allows communities to scan the products batch number to validate the supply chain from the manufacturer to the retailer, and to the consumer. These are some of the advancements we are putting into place so as to hard proof the pharma supply chain.

    In connecting communities, we are able to mine data from consumption on who ordered which product; what is their age, gender and location. All these helping us segment the health care of Africa, and through AI, machine learning and deep learning we are able to understand the health of our communities, in-depth.

    Placing us at the first real-time health data collectors in Africa.
    This will see our progress in building smart health solutions that understand the sub-Saharan African market. More so we are able to predict health trends with reference to factors like weather, month, among more. Letting us protect the health of our communities before epidemics attack us.


    Impact: Through our increased access to safe healthcare products, we have managed to connect up to 4,500+ customers within crowded urban spaces to safe healthcare products. Among them nursing mothers, who benefit from Uthabiti’s convenience. Youth, who are sexually active and are judged everytime they are seen buying Sexual health products off the counter, they benefit from our anonymity, where they can buy sexual products without societal reprimanding. We also benefit the elderly, victims of chronic diseases among more. Till now, we have spread our operations across, Universities, student communities - Moi University, Maseno University and the University of Eldoret. We further have our operations in Eldoret crowded spaces, which include slums, Uasin Gishu County, and we plan to expand to Nairobi Kenya, by March 2018. Till this very date, we have 50, partnering stores and 115 registered medical practitioners on our platform.


    Revenue: 5000 USD revenues, 3500 USD profits


    2018 Goals: At Uthabit, we have described 2018 as the year of growth.
    Our milestones include expansion to major Towns of Kenya, which include; Nairobi in March, Mombasa and Kisumu July this year. With early market research on Lagos, Nigeria by September.
    We also want to enhance our technology towards, adoption of smart data. We will be mining data and encrypt to our app this fully fulfil our Artificial Intelligence integration for our customers, mean, our customers will have a personal health manager that engages them on their health lively hood – Think of it as the “Siri of health management” but smarter and understand your health trends, by October.


    Featured on:

    BBC Swahili


    Founder’s profile: Towett has worked with startups before and has entrepreneurial experience in his works, he comes out as a sober figurehead that builds the impossible ideas for the team, which are always achieved. In 2017, he was awarded the Queens Young leader by her Majesty the Queen in Buckingham Palace.


    Awards: In the last six months, we have managed to receive the Queens young leader award 2017, awarded to young people dedicated to creating and leading positive change in their various communities across the commonwealth.
    We were also beneficiaries of the 2017 Euromena Global Laurrtees awards, given to startups that seeking to solve African problems in a promising, innovative and disruptive models.


    Reinvestment to social business: 100%

    Doing randomised control trials to assess success: Yes, in the future


    CHINA - Provides English speaking people in Beijing with affordable, accessible, and quality mental health Support.

    Business Model: Online (using technology and China's unique social media), and offline (events, and services). Through the mass campaign, we've built a platform that link mental health players together, and now creating a new business model serving the high income groups with holistic mental health services with both clinical and none-specialised services.


    Solution: CandleX offers mental health support, in English, to teenagers and adults living in Beijing. Expats and Chinese nationals are all eligible to receive this support.

    As an English speaking Chinese national, with personal and professional relationships in the expat community and substantial international travel, I found it difficult to identify with the Chinese mental health services available. She was searching for mental health support that utilized a more western cultural approach. This search did not yield any positive results and she concluded that the English-speaking community in Beijing lacked both social and clinical support. This realisation inspired me to fill the gap, and I soon after founded CandleX, with the aim of providing mental health support in English.

    The cost of mental health care provided by international private hospitals is prohibitive. Many foreigners living in Beijing are not able to afford access to these resources. There it little to no support available to those not earning the highest of expat salaries.vLife abroad is stressful. Stressors include adjusting to a new culture, leaving the familiar, encountering different ways of thinking and different cultural norms. Chinese mental health care is available, but language and cultural barriers make both access and efficacy challenging. In addition to the expats residing in Beijing, there are Chinese nationals that feel that the Chinese care on offer is too culturally defined to benefit them. CandleX offers affordable, accessible and quality social support in English.

    CandleX’s intervention model is built in line with the international mental health interventional model, positioning ourselves at the bottom two layers serving the largest scale of the general population: universal prevention interventions, and selective preventative interventions.

    We have four major programs list below:

    -Mental Health for Community
    We host Talks & Workshops that aim to educate and empower the community in identifying and managing emotions and mental health.

    -Mental Health Support Group
    This peer support group meets fortnightly and offers a safe space where those going through depression, mania, and severe anxiety can find support.

    -Mental Health for Teenagers
    These Talks & Workshops are designed to address the specific emotional needs of today's teenagers.

    -MoodLab | Bipolar Awareness Campaign
    This collaborative art education project works with community members to produce works of art that educate the public about bipolar disorder.


    Impact: Marco, an expat working as a director, was reached through our campaign work in Beijing; He has bipolar disorder and was struggling without sufficient support; His friend told him about CandleX, and our online education columns; He came to our support group meetings for 4 months; Not only he started to recover from his very suicidal episode, he's empowered and joined our offline campaign team, giving talks and presentations sharing his mental health issues which empowers the community member to seek help and come together; By doing that, more people were reached, and the
    Campaigning reaching mass number of people; He mobilised his own network and fundraised for CandleX, and increased our reach of our work. You can find his traces on our website, sharing his stories in "my story with depression" column, and in pictures of events he advocated for mental health this is one more many stories that we have, and this is how CandleX snow balls in the community.


    Revenue: GBP56,916 (program expending, not revenue because we are nonprofit.


    2018 Goals: Start up of business company on mental health for the high income group that CandleX currently reach:


    Featured on: There are many press that featured CandleX, including Global Times, and Timeout, and China's top TV stations.
    WHO (2017)
    on China's biggest international TV station (2015)
    City Weekend
    Art Pages of our moodlab bipolar art book (2017)

    Founder’s profile: Xiaojie has 10 years of experience of working in international NGOs. I am also leading the program team, and community/outreach team that's composed of counsellors, and events managers.


    Awards: none listed


    Reinvestment to social business: 100%

    Doing randomised control trials to assess success: No


    NEW ZEALAND - Improves the mental health of New Zealanders at as large a scale as possible.


    Business Model: Social enterprise model. We charge market-value rates to organisations and corporate clients to provide a accessible and cheap service to the people who really need it.


    Solution: Our mission is to create a 'gym' culture for Mental Health where everyone values their mental health just as much as their physical health. We have the first of its kind in Wellington CBD - an actual mental health gym where you can come along and work-out your mind. However, instead of pumping weights, you pump emotional wellbeing. We have been running this space for 15months now and it has had massive impact in Wellington to enable individuals at all stages of wellbeing to engage with their emotional health in a stigma-free supportive environment in order to personally transform and thrive. As well as our Mental Health gym', we also are the first to bring the Mental Health First Aid Certificate to Wellington and have seen massive growth in our start-up in the last 4 months as the demand to upgrade the mental health capacity is very very high.


    Impact: We have seen quite a large social impact so far - even in our early stages of growth, there seems to be a collective movement where most people are seeing the value in being proactive about their mental health before it gets bad. We have seen huge transformation in our members at our gym, who have increasing self-awareness of their emotional capacity and improved ability to communicate it to others. Our social media following and mailing lists have grown by 200% in the last year which shows a lot more people are engaging in our mission. We have increasing demand to deliver our Mental Health First Aid Course in other parts of New Zealand - especially in Insurance companies, Health companies and Government organisations. There is a huge ripple effect happening within this impact too as this self-awareness and growth is affecting beyond the individual to their communities and social spheres. It's cool.


    Revenue: 2016 was a low revenue of $4000NZD - ultra low costs and volunteer run. 2017 saw a massive leap. We made a revenue of $38,000NZD with a small profit we reinvested to 2018 budget.


    2018 Goals: Double our employers from 3 to 6. Make at least a $200,000NZD revenue in 2018. Sign a long contract with the NZ Police - training up their new recruits with our Mental Health First Aid Course. Sign a lease for a bigger gym in April and upscale to a full-time schedule.


    Featured on:

    - This is our TedxWellington talk: Creating a 'Gym Culture' for Mental Health
    - Neatplaces NZ
    - Bizdojo NZ
    - Stuff NZ
    - Idealog NZ

    Founder’s profile: On my co-founder team with me is Bop and Jody and they are two of the most compassionate, fierce, assertive, kind, understanding and talented humans, i have ever had the privilege of working with. We have been on a team since 2011. We started out making theatre together with our production company, Pat-A-Cake Productions and we transitioned into CoLiberate when we realised we cared a lot more about people sustainability and processes of looking after ourselves than making theatre shows. We made a commitment in 2013 to always work in a way that puts our wellbeing and health first - so now, every morning, we 'check-in' and share what is on top. We listen and adapt to our working day based on how we are feeling.


    Awards: Finalists in Innovation in Health and Science
    Finalists in NZ Young Innovators of the Year Award 2017


    Reinvestment to social business: 100%

    Doing randomised control trials to assess success: No

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