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    How can we create communities that are inclusive, tackling loneliness and helping people to create deep and meaningful connections?


    TURKEY - Refugee e-card that provides opportunities such as registrations, bank debit card, news and job opportunities to refugees and brings about big data analytics.

    Business Model: Big Data Analytics Reports


    Solution: We approach refugee crisis with technology. There is offline system for refugees in Turkey, what we do here is we are transforming it into online system with our application. A "refugee hub" mobile application that brings about Refugee Big Data analytics. We will have Refugee Hub application that refugees submit the data to our application via "conduct a survey" option in order to follow "opportunities" section that we will provide access to opportunities such as jobs, refugee news, registrations, submitting their resumes, learning Turkish videos for free to refugees. Our application helps us to collect Refugee data such as who, what, where, skills, income and their market dynamics so that consulting projects with data analytics to introduce to the Turkish market and economy given their permission. The data analytics – consulting that we are aiming to provide and introduce it to Turkey would change the lives of 5 million refugees in Turkey. The application that we develop as a refugee hub would change the lives of 65 million refugees around the world.


    Impact: We have obtained online data which is available from the net with additional focus group studies within the support of the municipalities we are working and international organizations. Firstly, we have provided data analytics reports to our clients for economic and social integration of refugee community members. UNHCR, Kecioren Municipality, Hatay Municipality, businesses: Joon and Building Bridges for Refugee Children; NGO's: Sisli World Service Organization and System and Generation have been using our big data analytics for their programs towards refugees. Secondly, we have generated $ 16,5 K Total Revenue. Finally, we have access to 1.5 M refugees in Turkey with the support of our partners.


    Revenue: We have generated $ 16.5 K such as $ 2,5 K Big Data Revenue, exhibition revenue - focus group studies and o NGO’s (workshops-focus groups). $ 7 K Total Early Investment from Amazon WS, METU Technopolis office award and Seed Investor.


    2018 Goals: Firstly, we are aiming to reach big data analytics about 5 million refugees in Turkey with the collaboration of NGO's, International Organization. We are aiming to access our application and web page to 5 million refugees in Turkey. We are part of MIT Enterprise Forum Pan Arab region Innovate for Refugees program, we have collaborated with international startups and networking for reaching refugees outside of Turkey. In addition, as being winner or Global Student Entrepreneur Awards Turkey, we have network of Entrepreneurs' Organization internationally to make the startup internationally recognized in April 2018 in Toronto, Canada.


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    Innovate for Refugees

    Founder’s profile: Berat was born in R. of Macedonia. He studies as international student in Economics at Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey. Founded METU International Student Association which hosted UN program and changed foreigners’ offline registration system into online in Turkey. He has completed Endeavor Turkey entrepreneurship education program. In 2016, he has earned full scholarship at University of San Diego, Leadership program in the USA. In 2017, became and worked as associate coordinator at the USA leadership program and as undergraduate teaching assistant at Middle East Technical University.



    - Winner, Entrepreneurs’ Organization - Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (GSEA) Turkey

    - EO GSEA Turkey finalist, April 2018, Toronto / Canada

    - Semi-finalist, MIT Enterprise Forum "Innovate for Refugees" 26-28 January, Amman, Jordan (winners and finalists not announced

    - Award Winning Startup, TechAnkara Project Market, Ankara Development Agency & EU

    - Top 50 Startups, Startup Istanbul (21K startups)

    - Certificate of Achievement, University of San Diego, Hansen Summer Institute on Leadership and International Cooperation, Social Entrepreneurship Workshop 2016


    Reinvestment to social business: 100%

    Doing randomised control trials to assess success: Yes, in the future


    CHILE - Creates accessible and intelligent spaces through technologies helping people with visual disabilities connect with their environment, improving their autonomy and quality of life.


    Business Model: LazarilloApp is free for their users and we sell different plans to business and public institutions so they can make their installations more accessible and inclusive for the people to navigate it, our indoor navigation solution use LazarilloApp to help people with visually impaired navigate inside this places but also people with mobility disabilities and anyone else that needs an interactive map. LazarilloApp give contextual information inside the business building or store to help him navigate and use its services. The plans have an activation fee and subscriptions fee.


    Solution: People with visually impairment present greater challenges to move through the city they live, as well as to interact with it in unknown environments without having to resort to the help of a third party, losing their independence. This creates barriers for the person to develop itself in multiple areas.

    Lazarillo constitutes an innovative product on the apps market for disabled people, helping them be more autonomous and independent in their travels through the city which can operates worldwide. Using the user locations and also information from a mixed of places databases, the app escort the user when he is moving, announcing places of interest nearby through voice messages, such as coffee shops, bus stops, shops, subway entrances, street intersections and more. Lazarillo can also generates accessible spaces through its platform using indoor navigation technologies and mapping.


    Expanding our initial target and generating a solution that can satisfied the need of visitors with or without visual disabilities, as well as reduced mobility and deaf people (through videos in sign language) to have more information of the space and also so they can move more autonomously acquiring the specialised information they require. These tools directly impact the end users giving them greater independence and also helps companies and public institutions to improve the experience of their customers, positioning and differentiating them from their competitors.


    Impact: Lazarillo is made to make navigation through different places easy for people with visual disabilities and in the future for everyone. We currently have over than 7500 active users, from 14 different countries, with over 40.000 downloads. We expect to improve the autonomy of people and in a survey sent to 7,431 people by email, in which 381 replied, 23% from Chile and 77% from other countries, 73% of whom are blind, 19% have restricted vision and 8% have no sight. 60% use Android, 33% use iOS and 7% use both. 88% said that Lazarillo had improved their autonomy.


    Revenue: Last year we sold around $30.800 USD but we haven't pass our breakeven. But for 2018 we will surpassed it with the deals we are currently closing.


    2018 Goals: We want to reach $400.000 USD in sales, expand our user base to over 25.000 more users, start selling our services internationally we expect our first pilots and also the release of our new interface of our app and platform that will leads us to help people with different kinds of disabilities and also automate the selling our services.


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    -over 50 press releases, visit here.


    Founder’s profile: Rene is an Electrical Civil Engineer from the University of Chile, with experience working on previous StartUps: ex CTO of SOSmart SPA, automobile crash alert application. Strong knowledge in machine learning, electronics, ubiquitous computing and mobile technologies.


    Awards: We have been recognized by the zeroproject foundation to be an innovative solution for people with disabilities, and we are going to present Lazarillo in the United Nations building in vienna the 21 of Feb 2018(https://conference.zeroproject.org/agenda/).
    We have also won grants from the government for our venture, getting over $75.000 USD in founding.


    Reinvestment to social business: 100%

    Doing randomised control trials to assess success: Yes, in the future


    MALAYSIA - Creates a culture of empathy in every organization and community in the world.

    Business Model: There are three main pillars to our business: (1) Tribeless Conversations, (2) Empathy In A Box and (3) custom events, training and facilitation.


    Solution: Cities are overwhelming, isolating places – especially if you’re new to them. We give city dwellers a reason to gather, and the tools for them to do so effectively. We host Tribeless Dinners, a safe space for strangers to engage in authentic conversation over a meal in their city.


    The conversation is facilitated, attendees are curated, and dinners are no larger than 10 pax at a time. No one knows where it is, what they’ll be eating, and who else is attending. They attend because they resonate with the values Tribeless embodies: empathy, connection and growth. Since September 2016, we've hosted 30+ Tribeless Dinners around the world for 400+ strangers from 25 nationalities. Each time, we were able to create a psychologically safe space for mutual self-disclosure, empathic listening and personal growth. Attendees have talked about everything from dreams to abortion. Each time, attendees have held each other with love, curiosity and respect. We ask questions, we offer different perspectives, we share our own stories in solidarity.


    Over time, we asked ourselves: how can we help more people experience authentic human connection in their cities? Thus, Empathy In A Box was born. We broke down the "magic" of our Dinners, and turned it into a facilitation toolkit. All the rules, mechanics and content of the Box serve one goal: to help people have better, more empathetic conversations. Today, we are in private beta, refining the Box with our inaugural cohort of 30 Tribeless Hosts in 10+ cities across the globe. Soon, we will be ready for the world.


    Impact: Tribeless Conversations started with 10 people in a cafe on 30 September 2016. Today, we are in 18 cities, 11 countries and 3 continents – from Beijing to Bologna to Berkeley (thanks to our Tribeless Host Program!). More than 500 strangers have experienced the magic of Tribeless in January alone, many on the exact same day – making this a global movement many people are excited to be a part of. We have a high NPS score of 9.1/10, with 93% of 380+ Tribeless Conversation participants saying they felt like “they could be their authentic self with the group”, “they shared something they didn’t expect to”, “they deepened their understanding of themselves or others”, and “they feel more accepting of perspectives that were different from their own” in our feedback forms – even though they were with strangers.


    Revenue: Tribeless was a passion project until very recently when the core team realized Empathy In A Box was gaining a lot of traction and decided to turn it into an actual business. Hence, we only started franchising Tribeless Conversations and selling Empathy In A Box (beta) via the Tribeless Host Program in January 2018. In the past month, we earned a total revenue of 1,200 USD (from Tribeless Conversations, Empathy In A Box purchases and rentals, donations and custom services). Our total profit was 960 USD.


    2018 Goals: By the end of 2018, we are planning to have achieved: 10,000 USD Revenue from total Conversation and Box sales 1500 Participants having experienced Tribeless Conversations 30 Cities regularly hosting Tribeless Conversations 5 Collaborations (for custom Box) across 3 continents 5 Clients (for training and facilitation)


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    Tribeless is extremely fortunate to be featured in two of the largest national media outlets, The Star (#1 English newspaper in Malaysia with over 250,000 in daily circulation) and BFM89.9 (Malaysia’s premiere English radio station).

    Founder’s profile: Gwen is the founder and visionary, with strong influence and presence in the tech and social impact space. She is the head of marketing, PR and partnership development, using my personal brand and existing networks to find opportunities and build collaborations. (How else did we test the Box with 40+ nationalities in a span of 3 months? ;)



    - (2018) Associate Fellow of Royal Commonwealth Society

    - (2017) Global Shaper at World Economic Forum

    - (2017) Fellow at Ashoka Changemakerxchange

    - (2016) Fellow at Sandbox

    - (2016) Champion of Clinton Foundation Codeathon at CGIU

    - (2015) Global Champion of MasterCard’s Masters of Code

    - (2014) Fellow at Kairos Society.


    Reinvestment to social business: n/a

    Doing randomised control trials to assess success: n.a


    VIETNAM - Assumes personality of a friendly teenager, and is understanding and funny to users, basically, Sumi is a teenager’s friend, if you are bored, Sumi will have something to entertain you.

    Business Model: Affiliate business and Advertising


    Solution: Based on the development of chatbot technologies, artificial intelligence and machine learning, we created Sumi with the ability to automatically answer any questions from teenagers by their own language. Sumi as a friend can share all their sorrow or can be a member of their family to be there for each other through the hard times as well as the good times and even Sumi can be a consultant clinical psychologist to heal all wounds in them

    According to the survey, the 91 percent of Vietnamese teens send messages every day and use Facebook Messenger platform as the default message platform so that’s the reason why we integrated Sumi on Facebook Messenger to all teens can use it. They just send a message to Sumi as a friend and immediately Sumi has operated. In addition, Sumi is not only autoresponder but also integrated many functions such as playing games, retouching photo or inspirational quotes to enable them to relieve stress and fatigue

    After Sumi was launched, we have connected all users together by creating a community of Sumi on Facebook so that they can make friends with each other, share informations, knowledges, have the opportunity to express myself through their stories, from that they can really find true friends who can share all common interest and Sumi is proud of becoming a bridge between them


    Impact: When Sumi is launched, thousands of young people in Vietnam knows a technology called the chatbot. They were chatting everyday and are excited about messages which Sumi replies to. Since Sumi tried out words and hit them just a tiny bit off centre, Sumi created a new language, a new language for Vietnamese teenagers. They were always mutually related to each other since they share the same world. They told Sumi about where they are, where they've been and where they still hope to go. Actually, Sumi made their impending tasks seem less tedious and also ensure that they maketime in their busy schedule for a little fun.


    One of the best things which Sumi bring is to enable users to meet people with whom they can share a common interest, discuss a controversial issue in the community and share all things who agree with each other all the time may find they are actually too close for comfort. Together, they created a revolutionary community that amplifies the improvements that they've already experienced and shares them among a large body of people.


    We launched Sumi in 2016, until now, we has more than 1 millions users. Every month, active users are about 80.000 people and growth rate of 30% per month.


    Revenue: With a business model is completely free at the first time, and in 2017, we became a trade partner with e-commerce sites and with the amount of users are growing of Sumi, we earned about 100.000 USD with two forms of that business model.


    2018 Goals: Milestone in this year is the integration of multiple languages ​​for Sumi. Currently we only develop the main language is Vietnamese but this year we will focus on developing English, Korean, Japanese to help all the young people in the world in need.


    Featured on: We have been featured on some local newspapers in Vietnam. Link is attached below:
    Chatbox Magazine


    Founder’s profile: Tram Anh is a Marketing Executive and she loves the human connection over and above all things. She wants to connect with everyone, meet new people and make friends in a new country, experience new cultures and learn new things to gather specific information about what she need to be successful in her roles.


    Awards: In March 2017, we were selected for Facebook’s startup accelerator program and was sponsored $ 80,000 to develop its business. In addition, the group’s products received Angel Investment for start-up businesses and a fund of $ 120,000 from Microsoft to support the development of data infrastructure.


    Reinvestment to social business: 100%

    Doing randomised control trials to assess success: Yes, in the future

    You, Baby and I

    SOUTH AFRICA - Helping new mothers through the journey of motherhood.

    Business Model: An active network of mothers to introduce mompreneurs (entrepreneurs who are moms) to them who make products to solve problems that mothers experience throughout the journey of motherhood. The mompreneurs provide their services and products through "You, Baby and I" and provides a base for them to sell to the extensive moms on the network. The company takes a percentage of each sale as revenue. The products range from pregnancy to moms' needs to moms with older children.


    Solution: My startup is called You, Baby and I. It started off as a blog and then advanced into a platform that connects moms together by location and interests. Therefore moms share their experiences, recommendations and general advice that moms need. The platform uses the collective knowledge and data from these experienced moms to help new moms with specific recommendations that they are looking for. This allows new moms to understand their journey without feeling lonely and overwhelmed in what they need. The platform also gives intelligent product and service recommendations so new moms buy the right stuff the first time without having to waste time and money.



    Impact: The mothers currently receive exclusive reach for their services for free while established companies pay a premium to access the network of moms. Currently there are over 40,000 unique mothers on the platform every month, including 3500 registered mothers that are active participants that help the mompreneurs test, analyze and provide valuable feedback to improve their products and services. This ensure the products are tested before mass-marketing and selling. Thus in South Africa, all 40,000 moms on the network get access to quality products that's affordable and backed by the recommendations of experienced mothers. The registered moms that partake in the products get discounts and exclusive deals with the mompreneurs.


    Revenue: $40,000 in 2017. We are breaking even.


    2018 Goals: We are expanding our digital platform and launching phase 2 which will allow for online reviews and recommendations as well as an analytics platform to help mompreneurs to get access to consumer insights and behaviour, including predictive behaviour. We will also reach 100,000 unique moms in the country and connect with 100 businesses (mompreneurs) in 2018.


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    More links here

    Founder’s profile: Shaney is an experienced mother and marketing expert that has connected with so many mothers and businesses worldwide.


    Awards: Africa's most influential parenting site.
    South Africa's best parenting site.


    Reinvestment to social business: 40%

    Doing randomised control trials to assess success: Yes

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